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The word, “holiness,” feels so heavy. It carries a weightiness. It almost seems archaic to us. However, it is who we are meant to really be. It is not the distorted picture we often imagine of some stoic and joyless person setting around doing nothing but read their bible and pray. However, holiness does stoke a longing to just spend time with the Lord and in His word. The meaning of holiness is to be set apart, or other, but not removed from this life,

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When I was a child, my parents took me to hear the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. If you have ever heard the sound of a full orchestra tuning, then you know it is a very loud and unsettling sound. It is almost like hearing an entire orchestra falling down some stairs. All those different musicians, with different instruments, all doing their own thing. It’s a total mess! Until the conductor steps on the stage, and then all eyes are on him as he walks out, taps on the podium with his baton, and slowly lifts his hands. As they drop, what was a cacophony of division and chaos, suddenly becomes a sound so beautiful, it literally takes your breathe away! 

This is a picture of what I believe the Lord is seeking…

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