Looking back over life, you may find that what you once wanted very badly, changed as you stepped further into God’s true purpose for your life. Some aspirations likely had to die a painful death, before you finally say, “Ok God! What exactly do you want to do with my life?” We press and press after something, constantly hitting brick walls, and never stopping to ask, “Is this what I just want or what you’ve called me too, God? Because if you’ve called me, I will contend for it, but if you haven’t I am simply striving in the flesh.” And if you feel like your heart just fell into your stomach at the thought of letting go of what you’ve wanted for so long, remember that what God calls you too is you fully alive! His purpose will always quench the deepest longing of the soul! 

When I was only a thought in the heart of God, He breathed into me my calling. The problem is, in a fallen world, God’s dream for my life gets distorted. Even as a young child, I was drawn to music, because my calling has always been to minister before the Lord, in worship. However, somewhere along the way I feel for the deception that I was meant to be a rock star or something lol! This is what happens to all of us, in some way or another. We are allured from the course set before us, and find our selves bitterly striving for something we are not meant to have, because it is a counterfeit destiny. Today, ask the Lord if what you are fighting for is simply something you want or HIs calling for your life? The latter is the real fulfillment of the deepest longing of your heart.